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Discover the city of Arles sur Tech

Visit the Abbey of St. Mary of Arles sur Tech, with its cloister unique example of Languedoc Gothic art in Catalonia. The current monastery, built on the old walls of the abbey, is the work of Abbot Ramon Desbac (1261-1303). This is the first Gothic cloister which was built in northern Catalonia. Materials combine the white marble of Ceret and Girona stone for the columns.
Visit The Holy Tomb
This tomb secrete inexplicably water since they are deposited the relics of Saints Abdon and Sennen, even though the relics disappeared indefinitely.

“La Fou” gorge.

Nearby you can enter in the “La fou” gorge explored for the first time in 1928 and with lenght 1500 metres. For the more adventurous you can go to the Batere mines which were exploited until 1987.

Lunch at your convinience to Saint Laurent de Cerdans
St Laurent de Cerdans.

Discover this small medieval village between sea and mountains, its fountains, its wash houses, its majestic staircases mark out streets and squares inviting you to explore the city.
You can also visit the Museum of Art and Popular Traditions which presents an exhibition dedicated to the rope-soled sandal industry and an exhibition relating the Spanish Republicans escape in 1939.

Visit also the Catalan weaving "Les Toiles du Soleil"

"Créations Catalanes".

Visit the craft factory of rope-soled sandal and Vigatanes "creations Catalan".


8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

55 € / person (Price calculated on the basis of 8 people minimum)